How to restrict user to add subdomain of the domain he doesn't own?

Posted on: 2021-01-25 08:32:58

1. Login into the server.


2. Go to your Vesta control panel bin directory.

# cd /usr/local/vesta/bin


3. Download the TLD list and save it in above location.

# wget


4. Open the file using vi editor.

# vi v-add-web-domain


5. Add below code at the beginning of script after the variables.

TWOLEVELS=$( /bin/echo "${domain}" | /usr/bin/rev | /usr/bin/cut -d "." --output-delimiter="." -f 1-2 | /usr/bin/rev );
if  /bin/grep -P ",.${TWOLEVELS}" $BIN/SLDs.csv >/dev/null;  then
check_domain=$( /bin/echo "${domain}" | /usr/bin/rev | /usr/bin/cut -d "." -f "1-${KEEPPARTS}" | /usr/bin/rev );
check_exist=`grep "DOMAIN='$check_domain'" $VESTA/data/users/*/web.conf | grep -v "$user/web.conf"`
if [ -z $check_exist ]; then


6. End this if loop at the end of the script before exist.


7. To restrict same thing in mail and DNS add the same code in v-add-mail-domain and v-add-dns-domain respectively.

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